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Our Services


Our craftsmen are highly skilled in producing wooden fittings through state-of-the-art machinery. This technology allows us to deliver all carpentry and joinery projects with the greatest degree of efficiency and satisfaction.

We supply and install doors and provide customized furniture, fixtures and equipment to luxury villas, restaurants, hotels and all type of residential towers.

Art Wood can provide any finished products made by wood. You deserve a better and comfortable environment.

Our products are luxurious, yet cost-effective. We deliver great value and pay attention to the clients’ present and long-term satisfaction.


Our craft brings together the ancient art of wood working with latest technology to create Doors, Wardrobes, Wall Paneling and other Fit outs of timeless beauty and contemporary Functionality.  We often become involved in the design process and can share with you what our experience has taught us. The craftsmen are highly skilled in the work we do. Each takes great pride in producing the highest quality products and being responsive to the needs of our clients.

Basic Safety Rules for wood working machines.

  • All machines shall be constructed and maintained so that they are free of excessive noise and harmful vibration.
  • All machines, except portable or mobile ones shall be level and shall be securely fastened to the floor or other suitable foundation.
  • Small units shall be secured to benches or stands of adequate strength and design.
  • Tools shall be used only on machine for which they were designed.
  • All safety devices shall regularly checked for proper adjustment.
  • Machines shall be securely locked and tagged out before cleaning.
  • Loose clothing, long hair, jewelry and gloves shall not be worn around rotating parts of machinery.
  • All machines shall have a cutoff device within reach of the normal operating position.
  • All metal frame work on electrically driven machines shall be grounded.
  • Power controls and operating controls shall be located within easy reach and away from a hazardous area. They shall be positioned so the operator can remain at the regular work location.
  • Good housekeeping shall be maintained to prevent buildup of dust, chips, sawdust and scrapes.
  • Adjustments shall not be made while machines are running.
  • Each operating control shall be protected against unexpected or accidental activation.